Death Drag – ‘Shifted’

Shifted is perhaps the most ambitious excursion in noise terror from drummer/composer Mike Caratti, who calls upon his long-time London based collaborators to bring life to his extreme experiment.

Shifted moves from a dream-like trance into a frenzied state of thrashing chaos, transporting the listener to an unknown world where the elements of contemporary creative music are distorted beyond recognition.

Caratti’s compositional approach crosses the worlds of contemporary classical music and avant-garde jazz in a noise metal context. Blurring the schism between compositional form and free-improvisation, inspiration is widely drawn from the harmonic theories of Messiaen, electric period Mile Davis through to 90’s thrash metal.

Death Drag are Mike Caratti on drums and compositions, Roberto Sassi on electric guitar, Santiago Horro on electric bass and Luke Barlow on Fender Rhodes and keyboards. Each artist is a veteran of the UK noise/rock and improvised music scenes. Sassi and Horro are long time collaborators of Alex Ward and members of his acclaimed band Forebrace. Barlow and Horro form half of the iconic UK art rock band Nøught.

The album was recorded and mixed by Frank Byng at Snorkel Studios in South London. Original artwork and design by Shea Walsh.

CDs and digital album available at Bandcamp