dMu // "Synaptic Self"



dMu is the name of an ancient Tibetan tribe and later became the adopted name for an ominous earth demon. The demon beats a ceremonial drum used in Bon sorcery held by a short dagger raised menacingly. Adorned in goats horns, a chaplet of bells and a rosary of lākā beads, sacrificial offerings are made to propitiate dMu to avert the dropsy.

Iluso Records present the fourth release to their catalogue; Synaptic Self by dMu.

Channeling the dark arts of Tibetan mythology, drummer/composer Mike Caratti composed the music for the album, which features the renowned Josh Sinton (Ideal Bread, Nate Wooley Quintet, Anthony Braxton’s TriCentric Orchestra) on baritone sax and bass clarinet, and rising star Álvaro Domene (Desvelo, Briggan Krauss, Zöbik-3) on guitar, whose exceptional performances give life to this demonic experiment.

A guttural eruption of sounds from the worlds of avant-garde jazz and death metal, the album moves with the same menacing purpose as the dMu who graces the album cover, taking listeners on a gripping journey to an unknown world where the elements of contemporary creative music are distorted beyond recognition.

The album was recorded and mixed at East Side Sound Studio in NYC by Grammy Award winning recording engineer Marc Urselli.

dMu are: Josh Sinton (baritone saxophone and bass clarinet), Álvaro Domene (guitar) and Mike Caratti (drums and compositions).

CD and Digital Album available for purchase at Bandcamp