Dominic Lash Quartet // "Extremophile"

Iluso Records presents ‘Extremophile’the outstanding new album by the Dominic Lash Quartet.

Contrabassist Dominic Lash is one of the leading figures on the UK/European new music scene. Since emerging from the Oxford Improvisers collective, Lash’s musical career has seen him evolve into one of the UK’s most prolific and acclaimed musicians, having performed with legendary names such as Evan Parker, Tony Conrad and Tony Buck (the Necks).

‘Extremophile’ begins where the group’s acclaimed first album, ‘Opabinia’ (Babel Label) left off. The introduction of Alex Ward (on electric guitar and clarinet) to the ensemble, replacing piano player Alexander Hawkins, gives the band an edgier and more aggressive sound, while never losing the deft sensibility Lash and his quartet are renowned for.

Lash’s compositional approach traverses the worlds of contemporary classical music and avant-garde jazz. Arrangements of works by Cecil Taylor and 14th century French composer Solage reveal the breadth of Lash’s creative palette.

Blurring the schism between compositional form and free-improvisation, the quartet navigate Lash’s compositional frameworks with a gritty bravado that makes them one of the most exciting bands on the European new music scene today.

‘Extremophile’ is a cutting edge release by a band at the forefront of the creative and new music world. The album is essential listening for anyone with an interest in UK/European creative and improvised music and fans of artists such as Anthony Braxton, Evan Parker, Tim Berne and Mary Halvorson et al.

Dominic Lash Quartet are:
Javier Carmona · drums and percussion
Dominic Lash · contrabass
Ricardo Tejero · alto saxophone and clarinet
Alex Ward · electric guitar and clarinet

Recorded by Alex Ward, Bristol University, 4 August 2016.
Mixed and mastered by Alex Ward.
Artwork by Shea Walsh.

CD and Digital Album available for purchase at Bandcamp.