‘Hesitantly Pleasant’ well reviewed on All About Jazz ****

12 November 2017 –  “Their spontaneous outpourings recall a wide array of musics in a flowing inventive stream which doesn’t deny its jazz roots…” **** ‘Hesitantly Pleasant‘ by Mike Carattti, Rachel Musson and Steve Beresford insightfully reviewed by John Sharpe on All About Jazz, check it out HERE.





‘Into Darkness’ by STRAY (IRCD09)

10 November 2017: ‘Into Darkness’ by Stray (John Butcher, Dominic Lash, John Russell and Ståle Liavik Solberg) is out now.

‘Into Darkness’ is a fifty-one minute, single-track live recording of spontaneously composed and performed music by a group featuring some of the world’s most acclaimed improvisers. The album is a sincerely focused display of intention at the very highest level of performance, form and musicianship. Through an innate sense of awareness, patience, use of space and texture, Stray propel each other through a labyrinth of musical territory. Perpetually engaging and inviting, ‘Into Darkness’ is a cutting edge release traversing the worlds of contemporary classical music and avant-garde jazz by a group at the forefront of the creative music world. Buy it HERE.




NY Times reviews musicianer

25 September 2017: Giovanni Rusonello from the NY Times reviews Josh Sinton’s protest song “Evening of Mourning (Ferguson Goddam)” describing it as “a lament for racial justice evoking chaos and determination”. Read the review HERE.




25 September 2017: Slow Learner, by Josh Sinton’s musicianer, is out today. Buy it HERE.



Jazzword reviews Hesitantly Pleasant!

September 2017: “Without showy solipsism, the trio ingeniously springs from so-called inside to outside considerations; with Musson propelling stream-of-consciousness screams on “Still Horrible” following an episode of hide-and-seek with Caratti’s grounded clatters and kinetic piano glissandi. This reed outpouring culminates in bagpipe-like expressions which inflate and color the improvisational space so that the contributions from each can blend comfortably.”

Read the whole article HERE.




The Chicago Reader features MUSICIANER!

September 2017: Peter Margasak, from the Chicago Reader, writes about Josh Sinton’s musicianer and their forthcoming album ‘slow learner’ out on September 25.



Ears For Eyes reviews Iluso’s latest releases!

September 2017: Experimental music website, Ears For Eyes, reviews Mike Caratti’s ‘Hesitantly Pleasant’ and musicianer’s ‘slow learner’. Check it out HERE


“La Muerte Tenía Un Blog” reviews Extremophile!

September 2017: Check out this great review of Dominic Lash Quartet’s Extremophile. (In Spanish).


September 2017: Nice little feature on Musicianer by the good people at

Check it out HERE


September 2017: Josh Sinton’s MUSICIANER will be on tour soon to promote the release of “Slow Learner”. Check them out and buy the record!

CD release shows are as follows:
9-26 – Bop Stop in Cleveland, OH
9-27 – Constellation in Chicago, IL
9-28 – Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY (w/ ElSaffar/Mathisen/Fujiwara & Anteloper!)
9-29 – Rhizome in Washington, D.C.
9-30 – Kava Bar in Asheville, NC (w/ Shane Parish!)
10-2 – Neptunes Parlour in Raleigh, NC
10-3 – AND Gallery in Jackson, MS
10-4 – SideBar Nola in New Orleans, LA
10-5 – AllWays Lounge in New Orleans, LA
10-6 – Black Iris Gallery in Richmond, VA





Musicianer’s Slow Learner reviewed by Bruce Lee Gallanter

September 2017: Loving words by the main man at Downtown Music Gallery, Bruce Lee Gallanter:

“Not long ago, I had a long talk with bari saxist & composer, Josh Sinton, about the difficulties of being a creative musician when paying gigs and recording opportunities are few. I was surprised since I thought that Mr. Sinton’s band, Ideal Bread, a tribute to Steve Lacy, were one of the brightest stars on the Downtown scene. Although Sinton has worked with Nate Wooley, Harris Eisenstadt and Jeremy Udden (in Hol-Us Bo-Lus), he says he has been somewhat discouraged in recent times. Perhaps this sentiment has pushed him to reach deeper and push harder since this disc showcases his immense sound on bari and composing skills as well. Plus he has selected one of the hottest rhythm teams around, two  great Chicago transplants, worth their wait in gold, Jason Ajemian and Chad Taylor. Right from the gitgo, this trio sounds like they mean business. “Outside (today)” kicks thins off with a great, rather greasy groove. Yeah, get down! I dig the way the trio often strips things down to their skeletal parts yet that spirited slow-burn flame remains at the center. There is a quaint section on “Sunday’s Rehearsal” where the bowed bass and vibes (electric piano?) sound like a somber yet surprising oasis from the darker times that surround us. Considering that this is just a trio, Mr. Sinton allows the rhythm team to add their own earthy flourishes, bringing things down to their organic elements and then erupting into some joyous rip-roaring sax blasting moments. There is something rather magical yet modest going on here: without very much bluster, the trio is able to evoke a certain earthy grittiness which sounds like a reaction to the comforts of the past and the lack of a safety net for our futures. This disc sounds like a story unfolding with each song setting a different scene or part of the ongoing tale. This is one of the few discs I’ve heard recently which works its way into my heat and soul without knocking me upside my head. – Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG



‘Hesitantly Pleasant’ reviewed on ATTN Magazine!

August 2017 –  ‘Hesitantly Pleasant‘ by Mike Carattti, Rachel Musson and Steve Beresford receives a very positive review by Jack Chuter on ATTN Magazine. Check it out HERE.



‘Hesitantly Pleasant’ reviewed on The Quietus

August 2017 –  ‘Hesitantly Pleasant‘ by Mike Carattti, Rachel Musson and Steve Beresford is very pleasantly reviewed by the ever insightful Stewart Smith on The Quietus alongside other crucial releases by Roscoe Mitchell, Tyshawn Sorey, Brandon Seabrook and more. Read it here





August 2017 -Jan Grainle from the well-respected European jazz website, Salt Peanuts, reviews “Live at The Firehouse Space” by Álvaro Domene and Briggan Krauss. Check it out HERE!




August 2017 – Check out Bird is the Worm’s preview of Josh Sinton’s forthcoming release, “Slow Learner” HERE!




August 2017 – check out Dominic Lash Quartet’s ‘Extremophile‘ session video produced by Miguel Gaggiotti



ALBUM COMING SOON – ‘slow learner’ by musicianer (IRCD08)

August 2017 – Pre-order the forthcoming album ‘slow learner’ by musicianer (Josh Sinton, Jason Ajemian, Chad Taylor).

Get 2 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released on 25 September 2017.

Limited edition CDs have stunning artrwork by T J Huff and liner notes by famed Village Voice contributor and iconic critic, Greg Tate, providing a unique insight into Sinton’s creative process and the album’s message – informing and enhancing the listening experience.

Digital album sales include complete pdf album booklet featuring album art and liner notes.

Pre-order and preview here.


 ‘Hesitantly Pleasant’ reviewed by Something Else!

9 June 2017: ‘Hesitantly Pleasant’ by Caratti/Musson/Beresford is “a ridiculously endearing album which takes the listener on a corkscrew journey through different mindsets, concepts and ideologies.”  Read the review by Sammy Stein here.




New Release Out Now!

Mike Caratti · Rachel Musson · Steve Beresford – ‘Hesitantly Pleasant’ (IRCD07)

MAY 2017: Iluso Records presents ‘Hesitantly Pleasant’, an album of freely improvised music by Mike Caratti (drums), Rachel Musson (saxophones), and Steve Beresford (piano and electronics). 

Drawing on each other’s distinct musical experience, the unique voices of Caratti, Musson and Beresford combine here in a stunning album of seven improvised pieces that traverse a multitude of musical moods, genres and soundscapes.

‘Hesitantly Pleasant’ is a delightful release by a trio of musicians at the forefront of the creative and new music world. The album is essential listening for anyone with an interest in contemporary creative and improvised music.

CD and Digital Album available for purchase at Bandcamp.




 Dominic Lash Quartet ‘Extremophile’ reviewed by Free Jazz Collective

30 APRIL 2017: ‘Extremophile’ by Dominic Lash Quartet excellently reviewed by David Menestres on the Free Jazz Collective, check it out here.



 The Quietus review Dominic Lash Quartet ‘Extremophile’

24 APRIL 2017: ‘Extremophile’ by Dominic Lash Quartet excellently reviewed by Stewart Smith on The Quietus, read it here alongside other excellent album reviews.



‘Extremophile’ reviewed on All About Jazz

APRIL 2017: ‘Extremophile’ by Dominic Lash Quartet receives a glowing review from John Eyles on All About Jazz, check it out here.



Jazzwise review – 20th Anniversary Edition April 2017

APRIL 2017: ‘Synaptic Self by dMu is  a “determined, furiously dark, animalistic blast of metal-jazz improv…” according to Selwyn Harris’ review in the 20th Anniversary edition of Jazzwise magazine. Both this and ‘Live at The Firehouse Space’ by Domene/Krauss are reviewed in the UK’s best and biggest selling jazz magazine!



‘Extremophile’ makes Avant Music News ‘picks of the week’ 23 March 2017

MARCH  2017: Avant Music News names Dominic Lash Quartet’s outstanding album as a ‘pick of the week’ alongside other great releases, check out the list here.



First Album Release of 2017!

Dominic Lash Quartet – ‘Extremophile’ (IRCD06)

MARCH 2017: ‘Extremophile’ begins where the group’s acclaimed first album, ‘Opabinia’ (Babel) left off. Blurring the schism between compositional form and free-improvisation, the quartet navigate Lash’s compositional frameworks with a gritty bravado that makes them one of the most exciting bands on the European new music scene today.

Dominic Lash Quartet are:
Javier Carmona · drums and percussion
Dominic Lash · contrabass
Ricardo Tejero · alto saxophone and clarinet
Alex Ward · electric guitar and clarinet

CD and Digital Album available for purchase at Bandcamp.



dMu makes Avant Music News ‘Best of 2016’ list

JANUARY 2017: Following a glowing review, Avant Music News has named dMu’s ‘Synaptic Self’ on its ‘Best of 2016’ list of albums alongside a host of other incredible releases, check out the list here.



Live at The Firehouse Space by Domene/Krauss reviewed by The Free Jazz Blog

DECEMBER 2016: Paul Acquaro from The Free Jazz Blog, has this to say about this live recording:

The atmosphere the duo develops is enveloping, the slow ooze at the start is created by Krauss’ intensely rhythmic phrases and Domene’s deliberate chordal movement. The fog burns off quickly though as the two engage in an intensely percussive passage that raises the tempo and quickens the pulse. Throughout the performance, they move seamlessly from sound-sculpting to earth-scorching.”













dMu’s ‘Synaptic Self’ reviewed by Avant Music News

DECEMBER 2016: Avant Music News has this to say about Synaptic Self:

“This slab of aggression features the trio of Mike Caratti on drums, Josh Sinton on sax and bass clarinet, and Álvaro Domene on electric guitar. Channeling both free jazz and a punk/metal vibe, Domene’s heavily distorted riffing and speed picking are juxtaposed with drones and urgently angular melodies from Sinton. Underneath, Caratti provides staggered rhythms.

All three of these explorers have a penchant for twisting notes, irregular phrasing, and left-of-center explosiveness. Sinton’s bass clarinet, in particular, adds a rich texture to Domene’s doomy grinding. But not all of Synaptic Self is improv. Several tracks are based around pre-established themes, though some of these lead to an open blowout or two.

Comparisons? Slobber Pup’s Pole Axe, for one, but without the quiet parts. A commendable release that explores untrodden paths.”


dMu’s ‘Synaptic Self’ recommended by New York City Jazz Record

DECEMBER 2016: dMu’s ‘Synaptic Self’ features on Andrey Henkin’s ‘Recommended New Release’ list in the December issue of the New York City Jazz Record.




dMu featured on Tomajazz Podcast

NOVEMBER 2016: dMu gets heavy rotation on the November 24 edition of the Tomajazz podcast, check it out here.



Briggan Krauss and Álvaro Domene on Tomajazz Podcast

NOVEMBER 2016: Pachi Tapiz, the man behind Spain’s most reputable jazz and creative improvised music website, Tomajazz, featured ‘Live at The Firehouse Space’ on his November 11 podcast, listen here.




Life is Noise Review of Low My Guy

SEPTEMBER 2016: Scott Bishop from Life is Noise gives his anger management review of Low My Guy’s ‘Failure to Thrive’, describing the album as “seven completely improvised tracks of noisey, metallic chaos.” We think he likes it?!

Read the review here.



4ZZZ FM Reviews dMu

SEPTEMBER 2016: Clare Neal from 4ZZZ FM Radio has this to say about dMu’s release:

“Drawing their name from an evil Tibetan earth demon, dMu’s album Synaptic Self is certainly nothing if not otherworldly. Composed by Australian Mike Caratti, who performs on drums along with Spaniard Álvaro Domene on guitar and American Josh Sinton on bass clarinet and baritone sax, each track is as eclectic as the band members themselves, bridging the gaps between avant-garde jazz, heavy metal, grunge and tribal sounds. Throbbing electric guitars, erratic brass and unpredictable drums really do make for the imagery of an ancient demon wreaking havoc. An album like nothing you have heard before.”



Album Release

Álvaro Domene/Briggan Krauss – Live at The Firehouse Space (IRCD05)

SEPTEMBER 2016: ‘Live at The Firehouse Space‘ by Álvaro Domene and Briggan Krauss.

Iluso Records presents an outstanding live concert recording by Álvaro Domene (guitar) and Briggan Krauss (alto saxophone) performed at the Firehouse Space in Brooklyn NY in June 2016.  The unique voices of Domene and Krauss combine here in a stunning performance of uninhibited improvisation during which the duo’s innate connection sees them push each other along a seemingly perpetual trajectory of artistic exploration.

CD and Digital Album available for purchase at Bandcamp.




Album Release: dMu ‘Synaptic Self’ (IRCD04)

AUGUST 2016: It’s finally landed – ‘Synaptic Self‘  by dMu.

A guttural eruption of sounds from the worlds of avant-garde jazz and death metal, the album moves with menacing purpose, taking you on a gripping journey to an unknown world where the elements of contemporary creative music are distorted beyond recognition.

dMu are: Josh Sinton (baritone saxophone and bass clarinet), Álvaro Domene (guitar) and Mike Caratti (drums and compositions).

CD and Digital Album available for purchase at Bandcamp.



RTRFM Radiothon Interview: Low My Guy

AUGUST 2016: Tune into RTRFM‘s ‘Out to Lunch’ program on 12 August 2016 at 2pm WST to hear Sandy interview Low My Guy as part of the station’s Radiothon week. Hear the band discuss their music and long-standing obsession with the world’s best radio station! Check the interview here and stream Out to Lunch anytime here.






Album Preview

Domene/Krauss Live at The Firehouse Space

AUGUST 2016: The duo of Álvaro Domene (guitar) and Briggan Krauss (alto sax) performed last June at The Firehouse Space in Brooklyn, New York.  This stunning performance was recorded live by Jeremiah Cymerman and will be available for release on Iluso very soon. Stay tuned for details!




Live Performance Recording: Álvaro Domene and Briggan Krauss – June 24 2016 @ The Firehouse Space, Brooklyn NY

JUNE 2016: Álvaro Domene (Guitar) and Briggan Krauss (Alto Saxophone) are performing a duo concert at the Firehouse Space in Brooklyn, NY on Friday 24 June 2016.  The concert will be recorded and mixed by Jeremiah Cymerman and released later this year on Iluso!



New Album Forthcoming: dMu

MAY 2016: dMu (Josh Sinton: Baritone Saxophone/ Álvaro Domene: Guitar/ Mike Caratti: Drums) are recording an album this month at Eastside Sound Studio in NYC with the legendary engineer Marc Urselli. All music has been written by Mike Caratti and the band is ready to shred. The album will be released soon on Iluso!



Album Release: Low My Guy ‘Failure to Thrive’ (IRCD03)

APRIL 2016: Iluso Records are stoked to present the third CD to our catalogue ‘Failure to Thrive‘ – a deranged experiment in free improvised noise metal by Australian band Low My Guy.  Play this one loud – it is truly mental!

CD and Digital Album available for purchase at Bandcamp.






Zona de Jazz reviews ZÖBIK-3’s debut album

APRIL 2014: Thanks to Zona de Jazz for the nice review of ZÖBIK-3’s debut album. Here’s the link (in Spanish).




Cuneiform Records/Wayside Music distributing ZÖBIK-3’s debut album

MARCH 2014: We’re very happy to announce that Cuneiform Records/Wayside Music will distribute ZÖBIK-3‘s debut album.

So, to recap, you can buy the CD from our website by clicking here, ZÖBIK-3’s, at the Downtown Music Gallery in NY, and at Wayside Music. YES!




ZÖBIK-3 ‘Download of the week’ in All About Jazz

MARCH 2014: The most popular jazz website on the internet, All About Jazz, has featured a song from ZÖBIK-3‘s debut album as download of the week. The track has been downloaded close to 3,000 times so far!

Here’s the editor’s comments on the track “Öpik”:

“Light touch free jazz intro, cycles a bit and then goes into full mosh head zone. If you’re having an Advil day…computer says no.”




ZÖBIK-3  ‘Pick of the Week’ in Avant Music News

FEBRUARY 2014: ZÖBIK-3‘s debut album, “Öpik-3”, has been chosen as record of the week by the very popular avant-garde news website, along with work by Ben Goldberg, Wade Matthews, Javier Carmona and Dominic Lash.

Here’s the LINK



Iluso at Downtown Music Gallery, NY

JANUARY 2014: Gran Masa and ZÖBIK-3 are now available for purchase at our favourite record store in the whole wide world, Downtown Music Gallery in New York City. Enjoy!




Album Release: ZÖBIK-3 (IRCD02)

DECEMBER 2013: Iluso Records are excited to announce the second addition to our catalogue with the release of the debut album by ZÖBIK-3, a genre defying sax-guitar-drums trio from Madrid featuring Álvaro Pérez (alto sax and compositions), Álvaro Domene (guitar and compositions) and Daniel García Bruno (drums). This incredible record was mixed by the legendary David Binney. CD’s and digital downloads are available here and on iTunes and CD Baby.










Zona de Jazz reviews GRAN MASA

AUGUST 2013:  Read the latest review by Juan Antonio Serrano Cervantes on the Spanish Jazz website,  Cervantes describes an album that “is able to move indistinctly between melody and total improvisation, like a work of theatre with a continually changing set”. (Read the full review here)

¡Qué bueno!




Album Release: GRAN MASA (IRCD01)

MAY 2013:  Iluso Records are proud to announce the release of our debut album, Gran Masa.  CD and Digital Album available for purchase here.

For information or press enquiries, please contact us at